This is a DEDICATED POST!!!!

Happy Birthday to my amazing, wonderful, terrific, fabulous, sometimes crazy (heehee) mom!! My first best friend - my best, best friend, and of course my biggest fan!
Trucchi Hay day
In honor of my mother's big day (she may or may not be turning 50 today!!!!) - I thought it would be fun for Trent and me to share 50 things about us! Things you (or she!) may not even know.

Too narcissistic of a post you say? What mother doesn't want to read all about her two favorite New Yorkers? And as soon as she gets up here (buy your ticket mom! pick a weekend!) we'll be devouring the following:

Calories don't count on your birthday....duh.

50 Things about Nicole and Trent (In no particular order):

50. They can literally eat Mexican food every single night of the week, and have attempted this once before.
49. They set their alarm for 5:30am every day....And it gets snoozed at 5:30am every day.
48. They both end up getting at 6:30am (she ALWAYS showers first...it's the rule)
47. They commute to work every day together; but only after stopping at Starbucks.
46. She get the skinny vanilla latte - grande.
45. He orders the "Trent" - aka Venti White Chocolate Mocha with caramel drizzle, no whip - extra shot!
44. She obsesses over every little thing. In fact, the more minor the detail the more she's obsessed with it.
43. This drives HIM crazy.
42. She used to dream of being on Broadway.
41. He dreamed of owning his own broadcasting company.
40. He currently produces music (amazzzing)
39. She challenges him to "rap-offs"
38. His drink of choice: Michelob Ultra.
37. Her drink of choice: Riesling
36. They have a 4 year old fur baby - Beanie.
35. She's always cold.
34. He's always hot.
33. Don't share a drink with her - she bites the straw.
32. She gets really moody if she doesn't eat for a while.
31. They both have the names of their future children picked out.
30. He works in Midtown Manhattan.
29. She commutes to downtown Manhattan
28. He loves Tom Cruise
Trucchi clash of clans
27. She owns every single season of Gilmore Girls on DVD.
26.We once stood in the freezing cold rain to see Tom Cruise appear on Regis and Kelly.
25. They can watch any show in the world, if it's in marathon form.
24. He's an avid reader of GQ
23. We don't keep a TV in the bedroom (gasp!)
22. They love to rent a car and travel outside the city! They miss driving!
21. They LOVE weekend brunch!
20. He always wears a White V-Neck
19. She carries her heels in her bag (hello commuter shoes)
18. She's extremely claustrophobic and has been known to wait for a less crowded train before boarding.
17. They wish they could play tourist more often in the city.
16. They once went to a Fashion Week after-party with Avril Lavigne.
15. She's shared an elevator with Samuel L Jackson.
14. He once sold clothes to Kevin Jonas
13. She tries to cook dinner as much as possible (hello, NYC is pricey!)
12. He puts hot sauce on everything!
11. He loves doing the laundry, and irons everything!
10. Their favorite spot in NYC is Rockefeller Plaza and visit the tree every year.
9. They love to break out in random dance parties in their apartment. (Sorry neighbors)
8. They go to the Hamptons polo tournament every summer.
7. She reads on the subway - he listens to music.
6. Their dentist office is that the top of the Chrysler building! (Love those check-ups!)
5. She's characteristically clumsy. (See that crack in the sidewalk? She'll trip)
4. They like to go to the flower district and keep fresh flowers in the apartment.
3. Stole a cab from Adrian Grenier at 1:30am coming home from an event once. We both hailed from the same corner!
2. They made a special appearance in an episode of Real Housewives (NJ) once during a fashion event.
1. They miss their families back in the south, and owe their success to the support of their friends/family back home!!
Clash of clans hack

Enjoy your day, mama! You deserve it!!!!

(Sorry dad- when you turn 50...I mean 35, we'll dedicate a blog post to you too! We work in milestones over here!)

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