Come Inside...Stay A While

I know I have preached and preached how BUSY life is these days...but sometimes Trent and I both really like to remove ourselves for a moment and focus on anything but the task at hand.
Trucchi Hay day
Here's just a quick glimpse into our minds and how they work (yes, Trent is getting in on this as well!)...It's not too scary, but at any given moment - this is where you may find our mind wandering. Please keep your arms inside the car at all times....You have NO idea how crazy this ride could get.

What else would you do with a chocolate mustache?

We were out walking Beanie last weekend < 6a38 /span>when we both stumble across this peculiar shadow on top of a building. Umm...what immediately comes to your mind?

See - our twisted minds immediately saw a bald alien head thinking/pondering ..... You don't see that? Just us? Hmm. Maybe we DO need to get out more. Oy!  

Hay day hack

The moment you realize your "Alien Shadow" is just....this thing. Oh well.

Moving on.

I do think Bloggers love to share everything...and this is no exception. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their most recent Google Searches. I don't know about y'all, but I literally Google everything!

Oh - you can't remember when Top Gun was released or who invented Febreeze? Well let me just quickly Google that for you. With that said - here are our most recent 5 Google Searches!

1. How many calories in a Starbucks Grande Non-Fat Chai Latte? (What? A girl's gotta just double check...)
2. Lyrics to Ace Hood's Bugatti (So maybe we like to turn up the volume and have rap-offs in the living room..and sometimes I like to have lyrics in front of's not cheating if I can keep up with the beat)
3. Watch SNL Lazy Sunday Part 2 (Just a little hilarious start to our morning the other day; hilarious!)
4. Can you heal a broken tailbone?! (I'm pretty sure I Google this once a week! My poor tailbone..BUT my doc can finally see me this prayers people!)
5. Why is my dog constantly rubbing her butt on the carpet? (What?! Another tushie question? Well for those dog owners out there, you you know what I'm talking about...luckily the verdict we came to was "because it itches." - so there you go)

Speaking of...I spied this peeking out from under my chair while sitting on the balcony.

Finally, friends - I leave you with this....It's no surprise that we have an obsession with the Moe's that just opened up down the block from us.  

May I introduce you to the Bobble Head Cup!

No shame in my game.

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